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[Case Study]: Building A Social Media Community for a Texas Mastectomy Company

Image of woman looking at the Women's Health Boutique Facebook page on her phone

Posted On:February 6, 2019 by E-Commerce Demo in: Case Studies, Healthcare, Healthcare Case Study, Online Marketing

By Ana Dobrilovic, VGM Forbin Web Marketer Introduction When it comes to social media success, personalized posts can make all the difference. Today, we examine a mastectomy company in Texas and how staying active on their social media and utilizing personal photos contributed to an increase in engagement, impressions and page likes! The following will detail four different ways that Women’s Health Boutique dominated healthcare social media through VGM Forbin’s Social 2.0 program. Posts That Make a Difference When it comes to social media, photos can make all the difference. People are curious by nature, so it comes as no surprise that the posts they like the most on Facebook typically feature real-life people they may or may not know engaged in various activities. In a world where posts disappear with the swipe of a finger, it is pertinent that you get the message you want across, clearly and concisely. Women’s Health Boutique does an excellent job of creating

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