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Home Blog 2017 Digital Marketing Must-Haves for the HME Business

2017 Digital Marketing Must-Haves for the HME Business

2017 Digital Marketing Must-Haves for the HME Business

When you first got into the HME business, chances are a good portion of your customers weren’t online. In fact, a number of them may not have even had computers!

Times change, though, and nothing changes faster than technology. That’s why VGM Forbin is here to keep you abreast of the most effective ways to reach new customers online in 2017:

A Social Media Plan. You may have more customers using social media than you think! According to the Pew Research Center, 69 percent of Americans use it, including 64 percent of those aged 50-64. By far, Facebook receives the most use, with 68 percent of Americans on it. In fact, 76 percent of Facebook users interact with it daily.

By having a social media presence, you’re able to be where your customers are on a daily basis. Through Facebook Advertising, you can have your business appear in potential customers’ newsfeeds, which creates brand awareness. You can even use ads to promote sales and encourage people to walk in your store.

Your first step will be to create a Facebook business page for your HME company, where you’re able to update and interact with your customers.  Create a community around the services you provide. This can not only be used for brand awareness, it can also be used to foster repeat customers.  

If you see the value of social media, but need assistance in developing a social community, Forbin can help.  Learn about our Social Media Marketing service.

A WCAG Compliant-Website. Of all industries, HME perhaps deals with disabilities in the some of the most up-close and personal ways. That’s why it’s vital that your website cater to those with physical, auditory, visual or cognitive impairments through Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance. These are standards that are set forth by an international board, but will be enforced by the Department of Justice as a part of the Americans with Disabilities Act. While you won’t automatically get in trouble for not having a WCAG-compliant website, you can open yourself up to be involved in a lawsuit.

You can think of WCAG as being like any other part of the ADA. Just as you would want those with wheelchairs to be able to get in and out of your store without any problems, so also you want those with different abilities to be able to access your website.

For more information regarding your website’s WCAG compliance, visit

Search Engine Marketing. So many people now use Google to look things up that the Merriam-Webster Dictionary has officially added it as a verb. Just as having a social media presence is vital to being where your customers are, so also appearing during a Google search is important.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows you to use Google AdWords to have your business appear when someone does a relevant search. The next time you do a Google search, you may notice several entries at the top with a green box next to them that says “Ad.” These are paid placements made by a business to target potential customers.  You can also target customers with paid ads on YouTube videos, banner ads or remarketing on social media platforms.

If you’re interested in capturing potential customers the moment they’re searching for your services, talk to Forbin’s Google-certified pay-per-click experts about Search Engine Marketing today!

You might be looking at this list of 2017 Marketing Must-Haves and feeling overwhelmed. It’s a lot to do! Luckily, VGM Forbin is here. Our PowerWeb 4.5 HME website solution includes WCAG compliance, and we offer comprehensive plans in online marketing to help drive new customers to your website. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed in 2017!