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Home Blog Hole-In-One Web Solutions: VGM Club Homepage Refresh

Hole-In-One Web Solutions: VGM Club Homepage Refresh

Hole-In-One Web Solutions: VGM Club Homepage Refresh

VGM Club Homepage Refresh

Overview: Defining the Problem

VGM Club, a division of The VGM Group, was utilizing an outdated and unstimulating homepage to attract members and prove value to their community. VGM Club partnered with VGM Forbin to develop a new homepage experience that reflected the overall business goals and continual growth of their membership community.


Goals and Objectives

  • Show VGM Club community membership value
  • Create a “Media Center” that compiles all the digital community benefits
  • Highlight “myVGMClub” dashboard as a key feature of membership
  • Provide a stimulating homepage user experience that both attracts and retains membership


Process and Insight: Identifying the Experience

Our design and marketing teams collaborated closely to identify a flow throughout the homepage that would effectively:

  1. Urge current members to use membership benefits
  2. Highlight membership community benefits for prospective members
  3. Hook the prospect with an effective call to action that results in conversions


Wireframe Screenshot

The Original Wireframe


Full-scale wireframes and desktop mock-ups were created to better understand the experience, navigating through the homepage and each value point.


The Solution

"The new homepage the VGM Forbin team created for us really helped to highlight our ever-growing community and the many different benefits a VGM Club membership offers. Our membership has evolved over the last year immensely, and we wanted to have a dynamic media center to represent that, one that would allow us to feature our supplier partners and bring the most value driven initiatives to our membership. The increase in awareness has been greater than expected, and we look forward to bringing more ideas to the team at VGM Forbin to help push us to the next level."

With a digital media center full of industry insight, a dashboard to quickly monitor savings, allowing members to take advantage of deals, the VGM Club membership truly provides an opportunity for a facility to thrive. Analytics and Google Tag Manager were set up to track key points of value, in order to determine efficacy of design and user experience. Now, the homepage of VGM Club reflects the company’s brand vision for 2017 and beyond, while leveraging membership benefits and value. 

Check it out here!