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Home Blog Paving the Way In Web Solutions: Aspro Inc. Site Launch

Paving the Way In Web Solutions: Aspro Inc. Site Launch

Paving the Way In Web Solutions: Aspro Inc. Site Launch

Aspro Inc. Site Launch

Aspro Inc. Site Redesign Image

Overview: Defining the Problem

Asphalt Professionals (Aspro, Inc.) is an asphalt paving contractor with two locations in Waterloo, Iowa. Aspro, Inc. came to VGM Forbin looking for a modern website with optimized content to replace their website that was based entirely in Flash. By partnering with Forbin, Aspro, Inc. now has a new website that can be easily accessed through all devices to better showcase the products and services they offer.


Goals and Objectives

  • Create a Mobile Optimized Website
  • Highlight the products and services offered by Aspro, Inc.
  • Develop an employment application to aide Aspro, Inc. in hiring seasonal work crews
  • Provide a resource library for employees to access important materials


Process and Insight: Identifying the Experience

Aspro, Inc.’s website was developed by Forbin’s Custom Website Development Team. The design highlighted the two main areas of focus for the client: their careers application and employee resource library. The goal of the design and content was to allow the user to get to the most important areas of the site in the fewest amount of clicks as possible. The content of the site was streamlined and filled with strong calls to action to encourage website visitors to contact Aspro, Inc.


The Solution

With this new website solution, Aspro, Inc. has improved its ability to market to potential customers to attract new business and streamlined an employment application process to collect and evaluate applications for seasonal road construction crew projects. The site has been set up with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to track key data and interactions to determine the efficiency of the new site’s design.

Check it out here!