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Home Blog SO Fresh, SO Clean: The HUBSCRUB™ Company MicroVox™

SO Fresh, SO Clean: The HUBSCRUB™ Company MicroVox™

SO Fresh, SO Clean: The HUBSCRUB™ Company MicroVox™

The HUBSCRUB™ Company MicroVox™

Overview: Defining the Problem

The HUBSCRUB™ Company is a manufacturer of home medical equipment cleaning machines based in Manchester, New Hampshire. VGM Forbin created their previous website years ago, and HUBSCRUB­™ was looking for a modern design to better connect with potential customers and showcase their HME cleaning machines and products. Using Forbin’s MicroVox™ platform, HUBSCRUB™ can now have a site that is easy to navigate and is better at demonstrating the value of their products.


Goals and Objectives

  • Update website to better reach mobile users
  • Improve content to better highlight HUBSCRUB™ machines and cleaning supplies
  • Improve calls to actions to encourage form submissions


Process and Insight: Identifying the Experience

Karl Soderquist, the owner of HUBSCRUB, was very involved throughout the development process for the new website. Forbin’s development team created a wireframe that focused on highlighting the HUBSCRUB’s product and how they provide value for HME/DME providers and care facilities. Karl was able to provide valuable materials to enhance the site’s design, including product pictures and videos.

The Solution

HUBSCRUB’s new website showcases the full capabilities of Forbin’s MicroVox system. The photos and videos provided by the client allow visitors to the site to see the capabilities of HUBSCRUB’s machines and cleaning products. The site’s design, when paired with full-optimized content, will allow HUBSCRUB to position itself for future success and bring in new clients.

“Thank you for your work in developing the HUBSCRUB webpage.  I am pleased with the updated look and the additional benefits it brings with mobile and tracking." – Karl Soderquist, Owner of The HUBSCRUB Company


Check it out here!