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Home Blog SOARING into Success: Jett Medical PowerWeb™ 4.5

SOARING into Success: Jett Medical PowerWeb™ 4.5

SOARING into Success: Jett Med Co. PowerWeb™ 4.5

Jett Medical PowerWeb™ 4.5


Overview: Defining the Problem

Jett Medical, a healthcare and medical supply business that focuses on workers’ compensation was struggling to attract new customers through an outdated web design, complicated site map, unstimulating content, and an out-of-date social media page.

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Goals and Objectives

  • Design a custom web solution that appropriately highlights their main products and services
  • Effectively showcase their main service - working with workers’ compensation patients
  • Easily showcase medical equipment and supplies through a customizable online catalog
  • Provide a mobile-responsive website to obtain new clients through mobile searches


Process and Insight: Identifying the Experience

Our design and marketing teams collaborated closely to identify a flow throughout the entire website that would effectively a) gain new patients and maintain existing patients b) highlight all products and focus on workers’ compensation services, and c) hook the prospects with an effective call to action that results in conversions.


The Solution

With intense collaboration over several weeks between Jett Medical and many dedicated VGM Forbin staff, VGM Forbin worked diligently to develop a custom website and online marketing experience that accurately reflects the overall business goals, showcases their workers’ compensation services, and accurately displays all medical equipment and supplies through a custom online catalog.


VGM Forbin Services Utilized by Jett Medical

PowerWeb™ 4.5 | Deluxe Performance Plan | Social Media Plan


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