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Home Blog Spring Up in Search Rankings, Spring Cleaning Home Assessment WCAG

Spring Up in Search Rankings, Spring Cleaning Home Assessment WCAG

Spring Up in Search Rankings, Spring Cleaning Home Assessment WCAG

Every HME provider wants to advance in their online search rankings because it has been proven that an increase in organic search traffic actually results in better business growth.

However, due to ever-changing search engine optimization (SEO), it can be difficult for HME providers to advance in search rankings while following the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) outlined in the web accessibility initiative (WAI).

To increase your search rankings this spring while ensuring that your website is still accessible to all users with disabilities, associate yourself with the following our spring cleaning home assessment checklist.

1. Know how to access your website traffic, sources, views and social statistics.

With VPanel access and Google Analytics Reporting, you can find out where your website’s traffic is coming from and where it’s going. With this knowledge, you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

2. Determine if your website meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

It’s your ethical responsibility to provide access to your website to all disabled users. From text alternatives for non-text content to providing both auditory and visual content, you must be able to meet the minimum WCAG in order to appear in search engine results. Find out if your website meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines here.

3. Make sure your website performs well on mobile devices.

With technology at our fingertips, it’s likely that your potential HME customers are searching for the products they need from their smartphone. To determine if your website is mobile optimized, you can access the Mobile-Friendly Test tool offered by Google on your desktop

4. Update your site’s content and imagery regularly.

Has it been a while since you have taken the time to read through all of your site’s content? Are the images on your website still relevant? Making simple updates to your site’s content and imagery on a regular basis can dramatically boost your online presence.

5. Determine if your website is performing well in search engine optimization.

To see your business spring up to the top of the search results page, it’s important that your online marketing strategy directs customers to your site. Making sure that there are no broken links, eliminating duplicate content and metadata, and adding content to pages with low word counts can help you move up higher in online search results. Contact VGM Forbin today to get an SEO audit of your site.

Whether your goal is to see your website at the top of search engines for more customer interaction or you want to increase the sales of your seasonal home medical equipment, VGM Forbin can provide you with the website platform, management services, and web tools that you need to spring up in online rankings while allowing everyone access to your site by following the WCAG.