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Home Blog The Hospice Portal: The Best Tool to Care for Your Clients

The Hospice Portal: The Best Tool to Care for Your Clients

The Hospice Portal: The Best Tool to Care for Your Clients

By Laura Smith, Web Marketing Specialist

For those of us in the Home Medical Equipment business, the heart of what we do is people. Many enter this field because they want to see people taken care of in a compassionate, caring way.

That’s why getting the right equipment to the patient at the right time is so crucial. You wouldn’t want someone to go without the supplies they so desperately need because of a flaw in the system. However, if you’re an HME that caters to the hospice industry, that task can be daunting.

First, there’s the nurse who calls and places an order, but forgets something crucial, such as the weight class of the wheelchair. Then, there’s the hospice administrator who sends in a fax, but whose handwriting is so bad that you can’t interpret what they’re trying to say.

Luckily, VGM Forbin has just the solution for you. Enter the Hospice Portal, the online ordering system that connects HME providers and the hospices they serve.

The Hospice Portal features a customizable catalog that offers different products to different clients. Do you have a hospice that only orders oxygen? That’s the catalog they see when they login to your system. Do you have a hospice that orders hundreds of products from you each day? When they login, they see a different catalog that features more of the products they need.

If your clients need to order a specific product for a specific client, they will be able to do that as well. A variety of documents can be uploaded and stored on the Hospice Portal, including patient information, prescriptions and even terms of use. Since the system is secure, your clients can rest easy knowing that they are remaining HIPAA compliant.

This catalog is intuitive, and won’t place an order until all crucial questions are answered. So, if your clients forget to put in the pressure needed for an oxygen tank, the system will prompt them to answer the appropriate question before letting the order go through.

As the HME provider, you can also give different levels of access to different users. If one of the hospices needs to approve each purchase before it goes through, the system will allow other users, such as nurses, to start the orders, but it won’t complete them until a hospice administrator gives their consent.

Besides ordering products, your clients will also be able to initiate a number of other transactions, including maintenance tickets and returns. Billing will not be a problem with the Hospice Portal either, as it can connect to a variety of billing systems, thus eliminating the hassle of additional paperwork.

Your hospice clients care about the patient just as much as you do. With the powerful tool of the Hospice Portal in your hand, you can express that compassion in a way that’s efficient, secure and convenient.

Interested in seeing how the Hospice Portal works?  Request a HOSPICE PORTAL DEMO now!